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this year. president obama has promised not to negotiate with the new congress on raising the debt ceiling, but republicans are ready to use it to force major federal spending reforms and tame the national debt. right now, the u.s. owes $16 trillion, but some calculate our total liabilities much higher. and as congress jumps from small deal to small deal as they have been, analysts worry big problems are just getting bigger. >> $60 trillion is a conservative estimate of our unfunded liabilities of medicare social security, and medicaid put together. that's scary. and, the fact of the problem of $2 trillion solutions to $60 trillion problems, you see the occasion of the lack of problem and resolve of the political class here in washington. >> reporter: some also worry the down-to-the-wire theatrics of these fiscal debates in washington will overshadow other issues that need to be addressed, like education and immigration reform. issues that could be held hostage until the spending fights are over. sylvia hall, "n.b.r.," washington. >> tom: other changes could soon be in store for washington
another thorny issue this year. president barack obama wants to raise the debt ceiling, that's the limit of how much the federal government can borrow. members of congress need to reach a deal by the end of next month. >>> students who survived a mass shooting at a school in connecticut have endured a rough few weeks. they went back to class for the first time since the attack. about 400 students arrived at an unused junior high school. they are using the building at a neighboring town as their new campus. their old school remains closed. a gunman entered sandy hook elementary last month killing 20 of their school mates and six adults. the attack prompted president barack obama to push for tighter gun control. he suggests he wants to ban assault rifles and strengthen background checks. a recent poll suggests many americans still oppose a ban on the sale of assault rifles. the national rifle association carried weight across capitol hill and many republicans too are against further restrictions. >>> al jazeera has set its sights on one of the world's biggest tv markets, the united states.
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's behindof the year president obama. father accepted a job with e inpakistani consulat england, so he will not have to a while. u.k. for because the, returnshad said if she pakistani, they might try to target her again. so the teenagers headed home in good spirits and in good health, for the most part. back to you. >> thank you. that's good to see. we want to talk about another in our area. the unfortunate incident that happened with prince william week. >> ice this funeral services will be held today. let's check in with brianne carter for the latest. a very large crowd is hyltono memorial aspel later this morning family, and colleagues gathered to say a final goodbye william county police officer chris yung. memorial chapel. his motor bike collided with a minivan on new year's eve. he was a 35-year-old father. be remembered as a man who had a smile on his face. community.d by the the funeral service will get under way around 10:00 this morning. to thehe service is open encouraged zens are procession route instead of coming year. to cover as expected of the county and begin right aft
, a personal trainer will show you how to get some moves and get back on track this year. >>> president barack obama may be in hawaii but today is the day he will officially win his second term in office. >>> and retired miami dolphins coach is 83. >>> he was the leader and glee actress 49 and has won an emmy and is an actress. [ libe ] le dnkrae ic oha lonn wer. eat moaue sghti ecic evs smeos n usac esi. th emesttso arow douan gw ouenelac w qteuris, lyews urxpur aayhath c dtoou 'sui aesn ard. dti romnd th iserome beusitel tstngen e am. romnd tt usit erti iru. yofe le erisomhi th y'rdog toelsagud ait the idroon d beevit dog go j. . >>> it is 5:45, and it is going to be a breezy day. maybe 20 to 25 miles per hour and it is going to be warmer but it will not feel warmer. we have play-off games on sunday here in washington and up in baltimore and weather will cooperate for that. here is the upper teens and we have clear skies and winds. we have upper 30s and i do expect a good deal of sunshine, north and west in the mountains and your sunrise 7:27, 5:00 on the nose. we have lots of sunshine,
year. lou: up next, when president obama said immigration is a priority, he thinks that congress does not need to worry its pretty little head over that. we'll tell you about the president's latest immigration decision, the empireious presidency takes full form. and the 112 congress at a low bar for the new session of congress to meet, and 112 leaves a few lessons on behavior to be avoided, next, stay with us. ♪ lou: the house and senate swore in new members today and brought in the old ones, the 113 congress under way for its starts. it will go down as the least productive in modern history and the least popular ever. over the past two years the 100th congress passed about 220 bills. can you imagine? that's 220. let's put that in perspective. more than one-third fewer than the 111th. and half of the number passed by the hundred and tenth. this is great. for each of these, 40 of them more about renaming post offices. you don't even know how many of these post offices will be around after. and public buildings. another six of them, another six of those bills to with commemorative coi
as he insists the new year's day vote, they did not break that promise. >> on december 31 they would have broken that pledge. about that, i think we'll send the next two years focused on, you know, the obama white house in the fight on spending. >> so you think that you're going to win the next route? >> yeah on spending. >> reporter: it is one, two, three. the budget and then the debt ceiling. all grounds that play to the gop. >> when the president says that he will not negotiate over the debt ceiling that this is money that congress has already spent. pay your bills. is the gop really willing to shoot america's credit rating in the end? >> well is he willing to damage our credit rating to keep spending money that he doesn't have? >> it is a fight that has been going on since the presidency. and they plan to keep fighting. >> one democrat wrote in the newspaper today that when they voted to raise taxes, it rendered their anti-tax pledge. >>> new tonight at 11:00, a maryland woman vacationing in jamaica has died. she was 34-year-old vanessa brown riding in a car that slammed into a m
. >> reporter: california gun sales have risen from 2002 to last year's record. recently some gun owners have become worried that president obama's re-election and the newtown shooting would lead to more gun control. military-stile weapons have become popular for target practice and self-defense. yet despite the rising sales here in california, there has not been a corresponding rise in gun deaths or gun injuries. hospitalizations for gun injuries have actually dropped nearly 28% and gun deaths by 15%. >> when i see that the sales go up, i don't like that. my officers have to face these guns on the street. >> reporter: charlie beck is the chief of the los angeles police department. he credits a five-year crackdown on gangs for the drop in shooting deaths. they account for half the crimes in l.a. also, gun buyback programs have taken nearly 10,000 guns off of l.a. streets since 2009. >> what i worry about are guns that fall into the wrong hands, guns that are excess and are not wanted in the home. those are the guns on the streets used in murders in los angeles far too commonly. >> reporter: b
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and millions of other uninsured californians may be a year away under federal](z affordable care act. obama administration gave approval to set up a health benefits exchange onion line marketplace called covered california consumers can buy private coverage. >> this is a big milestone z says that the federal government looked at our plans and said we're good to go. >> the approval opens the door for companies to start bidding for a place on the exchange. plans are supposed to be affordable because they'll be competing for more customers. even those with preexisting conditions. defending -- depending on income level, federal subsidies will be available. >> you'll get as good or better price through covered california whether a subsidy or not than you'd possibly get anywhere in the market. >> is it good coverage? >> it's going to be great coverage. >> skeptics worry about the cost of mandated coverage and how much penalties will be for those who don't have insurance and choose not to get it. >> let's say in terms of $221 a month penalty is $90 a month. think bit. think about what you would ra
president obama promise to pull all soldiers out of afghanistan mixture. next year. propose a plan that will leave as many as 20,000 behind. there are two other plans. one to leave 10,000, and others to leave 6000. fan is willing president continues to have health problems following his treatment for cancer. officials say he is battling a severe lung infection that is cause respiratory failure. they have my given any details about his prognosis. one expert says he is probably on artificial respiration and his immune system is already weakened from the cancer. he was reelected in october. secretary of state henry clay and is heading back to work next week. she was released from hospital on wednesday after being treated for a blood clot inside of her skull. she remains on blood thinners. her illness the later testimony before congress about the terrorist attack on an american consulate and libya. hillary clinton says she will testify in no date has been set. >> the teenage activist who shot in the head by militants was released from hospital. she was released yesterday. she is off t
to figure out ...wheer to cut sspnding... 3 proven... not to be... easy 3 obama: i think hopefully in the ew year we'll focus on is seeing if we can ppu a paccage like this togetherrwith a little bit less drama, a little bit less brinksmanshipp 3 p3 this... coogress includes the &pfirst hindd congresswoman, ...//- the first ...openly gay penator.../ and... thee first... openly bi-sexual member... from either chamber...//.it ...also includes... a... recorr numbee of women -/ 20... in the senate and 81 in the house 3& what... cann.. you 3 minuues? how... about... read... and understand ... 154 pagess.. of... a... proposed law...//. that's... what... members of ccngress... were... forred to do... beforr... the vote... cciff... bill. p3 3 -3 3 trt=:022 promise nkept." minimal promise and its sot in 14:26:18 ""t's a minimal promise and its a prrmise unkkptt"trt=:02 p3 3 trt=:02a promise unkept." minimal promise and itt soo in 14:26:18 it's a [sot in vatz] in 2010. documen
from congress last year. >>> ahead in the second term and second inauguration, president obama is making a big push for public service now. this year's public ceremony falls on martin luther king day. in keeping with tradition, the president and vice president senior encouraging voters to take part in a day of service. that saturday, that's 919th, you can even register for the official inaugural website until the national day of service section. >>> metro is telling they will one 17 consecutive hours of rush hour service starting at 4:00 in the morning, ending at 9:00, and expect to pay peak fees. metro will also be open until 2:00 in the morning. the archives, mt. vernon and smithsonian stations are all going to be closed. some downtown station entrances will be designated as entry or exit to help with crowd control. >>> in ash burn, virginia stonebridge high school marching band just got back from performing on the streets of london. the group was invited to march in the city's new year's day parade. our northern virginia reporter david culver was there as they arrived at dul
in this country are going the let us get to this stage. dodge dealer expected the obama administration to try any other different economic policies? >> what you'll see in the next couple of years is the president being forced to go around congress as much as he can. >> he took portions of that and tried to get it through using executive powers. unfortunately, you need congress to vote on major spending packages and major policy shifts in terms of infrastructure projects. it is early was holding the u.s. economy back. most indicators are up. spending, it is certainly not down the way it was the last time we have these talks in august of 2011. we just need politicians to get their act together. >> you are watching bbc world news america. aground in alaska, the drilling rig is of course, questioning the risks. the oldest private bank will close after pleading guilty to helping american class evaded taxes, hitting its role in hiding $1 billion over 10 years had a grain to pay $58 million in fines. >> it is the end of the road for the private bank. it sold off non-u.s. holdings, protecting them from t
workers. their first pay raise in two years. in 2010, president obama signed an executive order freezing pay but that expires march 27th. that's when federal civilian workers could see a .75 bump. working capitol hill could prevent it. congress has yet to negotiate the national debt limit and spending cuts. language in the could extend the current pay freeze beyond the time. >> did you say freeze? >> i got out and walked in spite of -- >> you're always walking. >> walking, running. >> great, good for you. you get your body moving and your blood starts flowing and you warm up. even though temperatures were well blows freezing this morning we've warmd up with the sun out here locally but where the clouds remake it's still freeze ppg there's still snow on the ground. in is in northern montgomery county with watches of snow in some protected areas there. post your pictures to weather at we'll share them and you can follow me on twitter and like on facebook and we'll share them there, too. there's a washington site now on this friday, the 4th day of january. look at the was
. >> reporter: california gun ables have steadily risen from 350,000 in 2002 to last year's record. recently, some gun owners are become worried that president obama's reelection and the newtown shooting would lead to lyre gun control. relitary-style weapons have become pop f access roads available and water, gas, electricity. i wanted to give you a success story from our life lines council and that is right now pg&e is proposing a embarcadero portearo transition line for redundancy. as you know we are fed by three groups off the peninsula and loss of a substation in san francisco could create much instability and affect reliability of the system. embarcadero currently supplying power from the mid-market substations and through those soils. repair could take eight hours to several weeks. maintaining the embarcadero station is critical to the san francisco downtown and waterfront region. the system of reliability was raised during the study interview with pg&e in november 2011 and pg&e followed up with the council getting support to ada third connection to the embarcadero station with t
and then deal with our deficit? melissa: president obama has been in office for four years. now starting his fifth year. why do you think he hasn't dealt with the jobs problem then? >> it may have something to do with congress. he has jobs plan been put forth before congress. they haven't moved on it. melissa: and who exactly do you blame for that? because we just saw with this fiscal cliff deal republicans don't have any power. they don't have any influence. they can't get things done. all the democrats are in charge there. president obama is in charge. if you will blame people for not doing what you want over the past four years it has to be the democrats and the president? >> well i would think the house republicans could beg to differ with that. they seem to think they have a lot of power. melissa: no, they don't. i don't think a single republican would come on and tell you they would feel like they're in power right now. >> seems the president who campaigned on the whole idea that taxes should not, should not be maintained at a lower rate for people over $250,000 a year, he lost that ba
and justice needs to prevail. petrole says he doesn't condone the actions of his son 10 years ago, but feels in time he would have taken a different path. allison, tony? >>> lauren, thank you. >> we are less than three weeks away now from president obama's second inauguration. you can already commemorate the occasion. some of the items on sale from the souvenir store. >>> head to head showdown between two of the top ranked rookie quarterbacks. good morning, dave. >> you are right. rg3 versus rw1. redskins versus seahawks. first playoff game in the dmv in well over a decade. we're getting fired up for some football, allison. >> yes, we are, dave. first, though, lessons learned, how these two teens ended up stranded in the middle of a semi frozen lake. >> and as we head to the break, here's a live look outside. not bad. we're going to get the latest weather and traffic from tucker and julie in a few moments. ten minutes after 7:00. we'll be right back. share everything. share brotherly love. share one up's. mom ? mom ? the share everything plan. lets your family share a pool of data across 10
for another middle eastern war. israel-u.s. relations have also been strained. barack obama and netanyahu have barely conceal their dislike, but we remain -- the united states remains its biggest backer. most analysts believe 2013 will not be the year that peace will come to the middle east. >> earlier i spoke with one of our correspondents in jerusalem and asked if the palestinians will be able to use their newly given status to stop them from building jewish settlements on the west bank. >> for the first couple of years, palestinians could only watch how the land was built with sediments that were expanded and even experts were saying that there were warning that a two-day solution has become more and more unlikely it's this kind of settlement policy will continue in that case. with a new non-of your status at the u.n., they could say we should put more pressure on the israelis and threatened to go to the icc, but that is a very long process. the into national community may step in to put more pressure on israel in this matter. -- the international community may step in. there were no conseq
will not tolerate the kind of last minute crisis that we have seen again and again over the last four years >> reporter: despite potential fiscal fights brewing ahead, president obama is even trying tamp down the partisanship and offered resolution. >> i think hopefully in the new year we'll focus on is seeing if we can put a package like this together with a little bit less drama, a little bit less her brinksmanship. >> in washington, i'm sandra >> catherine: secretary of state hillary clinton is resting at home, after being released from a new york hospitalshe was there for three days - being treated for a blood clot in her head. a state department spokesman had an update today. >> she's sounding terrific, upbeat, raring to go. she's looking forward to getting back to the office. she is very much planning'll have further precise details about that as she continues to make progress. >> catherine: clinton's staff says she managed to get some work done - even while she was still hospitalized. she's expected to make a full recovery. >>> the drilling company transocean will pay one- point-four
he wants to go and what the obama administration says about it. plus, john boehner holds on to the speaker's gavel. >> jon: new year, new congress. >> the chair will administer the oath of office. >> the nation's lawmakers today sworn in at ceremonies on capitol hill. but serious divisions remain, including some potential cracks within the republican party. tonight. the house speaker's difficult road ahead after the fiscal cliff. and tomorrow's promised vote on aide for victims of super storm sandy. plus, the students of sandy hook elementary head back to school for the first time since last month's massacre in newtown. >> they wanted to see their teachers and they just want, like we all want, normalcy. >> jon: across the line in new york, a legal battle is brewing over a newspaper's controversial request to publish the names of gun permit holders. tonight, a county clerk stands his ground. >> that's seriously not even funny. >> dramatic winter rescue after a half dozen people fall into a frozen lake. i'm jon scott in for shepard smith. house speaker john boehner hangs on
and politics. mr. axelrod advice president obama during both presidential campaigns, as was his four years in the white house. held at the university of chicago, this is an hour and a half. >> one of the best things about sitting here across from you having this conversation tonight, for all of us had been part of the institute staff, we have been i think wondering what you've been thinking, what this experience has been like for you over the last year and a half, two years. and so tonight we get a chance to hear for the first time what this campaign and your reaction has been. >> thank you very much. also i want to thank dean boyer for the incredible support the university has given the institute of politics, including making it possible for us to hire such extraordinary people such as steve edwards and aaron and all the others who are working on this. [applause] >> thank you. is you been one of what i've been doing, i've been wondering what you've been doing. >> we've got to catch up. >> exactly. >> let's jump to i think that the question that republicans are wondering. disappointed by t
president obama have. his second term is about two years. >> that's why he's made it clear he wants to get going on this gun issue and immigration reform. they're going to do that in the next few months as well. i don't think there will be a vote for a little while, but there will be discussion and debate on it right away. >> the good thing is no matter how low we go as republicans, we can always count on the democratic party to shoot itself in the foot. they're getting into gun control. that will cost them in pennsylvania, in ohio, in florida. >> we had a tragedy in connecticut. are you just going to ignore that and forget these children who were massacred? >> we could sit here and argue about the substance of gun control. my point is it is an absolute political disaster. it will be the equivalent of healthcare in 2010. you could lose another 40 seats in the house. >> they'll do a bill that gets some consensus on reinstating the assault weapons ban. there's a number of things that have political support across the board. >> that will be the last word, guys. thank you both. >>> a bizarre r
for having me on. >> neil: happy new year. hope springs eternal. president barack obama, the anti-ronald reagan? not all because he's going full throttle on tax hikes, because of his latest moves to divide congress. one of the gipper's right-hand men on how the president could be making bipartisan anything impossible. [ male announcer ] where do you turn for legal matters? at legalzoom, we've created a better place to handle your legal needs. maybe you have questions about incorporating a busiss you'd like to start. or questions about protecting your family with a will or living trust. and you'd like to find the right attorney to help guide you along, answer any questions and offer advice. with an "a" rating from the better business bureau legalzoom helps you get personalized and affordable legal protection. in most states, a legal plan attorney is available with every personalized document to answer any questions. get started at today. and now you're protected. ♪ many hot dogs are within you. try pepto-bismol to-go, it's the power of pepto, but it fits in your poc
years. for the week, the dow gained nearly 4%; the nasdaq rose almost 5%. president obama's re-election is now official. the 538 electoral college votes were certified and tallied today in a joint session of congress. the president won 332 votes, far more than needed. republican mitt romney was awarded 206. the president also won just over 51% of the popular vote, according to final counts. he's the first since eisenhower to achieve that mark in both his runs for the white house. the house voted today to approve more than $9 billion for flood insurance claims from hurricane sandy. the senate quickly followed suit. the house vote came just days after speaker john boehner delayed a vote on a larger aid bill worth $60 billion. that decision sparked an outcry from northeastern republicans. congressman peter king of new york argued today the funds are urgently needed for thousands who lost their homes. >> people are suffering. people are suffering and sufferingly increasing each day. i want to emphasize that this legislation is vital this is thought a handout this is not something w
at the end of third grade you will struggle throughout the rest of your school years >> woodruff: ray suarez looks at the firestorm of criticism leveled against some of the front runners for high-level jobs in a second obama administration. >> former senator hagel hasn't been officially nominated to become the next secretary of defense but that hasn't stopped his critics from going to war against the possible picks. >> brown: and mark shields and david brooks analyze the week's news. >> woodruff: that's all ahead on tonight's newshour. >> major funding for the pbs newshour has been provided by: >> bnsf railway. >> support also comes from carnegie corporation of new york, a foundation created to do what andrew carnegie called "real and permanent good." celebrating 100 years of philanthropy at >> and with the ongoing support of these institutions and foundations. and friends of the newshour. and... >> this program was made possible by the corporation for public broadcasting. and by contributions to your pbs station from viewers like you. thank you. >> brown: 2012 ended with anoth
among conservatives over the last two years when she was running against obama in the 2008 primary there was a lot of support on the right. fox channel was no longer the hillary clinton of the 9 '30s. this shows if she runs for president this will disappear and she will become the old villainized hillary clinton of the 1990s. >> this also has to do with 2016. people are already beginning the attack so they think this is fair game, she's go to step out of the lime light. >> we don't know if she's running for president. she doesn't know. >> a lot of people think she could be running. >> laying the groundwork. >> exactly right. >> all right. >> 2016. >> i'm not calling you a liar ever. i believe everything you say. >> lauren and howie, thank you. >> so glad she's healthy and out of the hospital. >> we're all glad. >>> 155,000 jobs created in december, the unemployment rate at 7.8%, christine has a bit more information and the breakdown of the numbers. >> looks like at the end of the year the job market was treading water, treading water, holding steady, 153,000 jobs on average created
years ago, our nation commemorating the 10th anniversary of the homestead decision. in this time, president obama launched the community living initiative on june 22, does a 9 to reaffirm the administration's commitment -- 2009 and to reaffirm the administration's commitment for americans with disabilities and ensuring the full inclusion of all people in our nation. on the very same day, secretary sebelius set up an interagency coordinating council led by assistant secretary cathy green lake, as well as the director of the office of disability, henry klebold, to look at solutions that address various community living. and to give people more control over their lives and the support they need. now talking about this new agency, we are bringing together the administration on aging, which you may be very familiar with, the office of disability, as well as the administration on the developmental disabilities into one single agency. this support is growing crosscutting initiatives as well as efforts focused on the unique needs of individual groups such as seniors with dementia or chil
.99 a month when you sign up online with a two-year price guarantee. plus a $200 verizon visa pre-paid card and an additional line included. verizon. >>> we're few weeks away from the second inauguration of president obama. his first inauguration drew more than 1 million people, but his second swearing in ceremony is not expected to be that bismght roughly 800,000 people are expected to be on the national maw. meanwhile a prince george's county is getting a special contract. hargrove will be the special contractor to create folks for the inaugural parade and staging of the inaugural ball. >>> we also know more about metro's plans. metro will be hope open from 4 a.m. monday the 21st until tuesday. peak fares will be in effect and the archives mt. vernon square and smithsonian stations may close. >>> those who are excited and looking forward to inauguration souvenirs have a new place to shop. the president's inaugural team opened an online souvenir store yesterday. it carries everything from posters to champagne flutes. a brick and mortar store will open a few blocks from the white house next
for barack obama. so next step you remember this scene four years ago. on this year's january 21st, the president's second inauguration will take place. his new term actually begins on january 20th but that is a sunday. so a little different this year. he will take the oath of office in private and then he will do it again for the public on monday the 21st. and remember how he took the oath publicly first and then had to retake the oath privately because the chief justice actually said the words a little wrong. a little bit of trivia from the last time around. >>> former congress woman gabrielle giffords expected to visit newtown, connecticut today. the plan is to privately meet with the families of the children who were killed in last month's shooting. the spokesperson says that telling cnn the visit is planned but not at this point completely confirmed. she barely survived after being shot in the head during a mass shooting in tucson, arizona almost two years ago. >>> subaru of america is recalling more than 630,000 cars because of a fire risk. the car maker says there is a probl
by president obama to the controversial national defense authorization act that disputes the law's restriction on transferring prisoners out of guantanamo. obama signed despite opposing limits on prisoner transfers. he made a similar claim when he signed last year's version of the bill but it still has not delivered on -- but still has not delivered on promises to close guantanamo. "the new york times" is criticizing a decision by time warner cable to stop carrying current tv after it was purchased by al jazeera. in an editorial it called the move unfortunate, saying it could block access to an important news source. time warner dropped current tv within hours of its purchase by al jazeera, saying, "we are removing the service as quickly as possible." but the distributor appeared to change course thursday following a wave of criticism saying it would keep an open mind about possibly carrying al jazeera in the future. but president al gore, who owned 20% of current tv, made $100 million off the sale. a california appeals court has overturned the rape conviction of a man who impersonated a sleep
's on stands. it's been selected as washingtonian of the year. quite an honor. >> thank you very much. >> you have to buy the magazine. >> with obama on it. >> it's a classic. >> if you see this magazine, it's not me, but i am inside. >> it's a great story to tell, too. congratulations. >> thank you very much. you've done us proud. >> congratulations, liz. >>> still to come on "news4 at 4," the game at fedex field. coming up, a look at the team's quarterback. >>> and mother/daughter bond between hillary and sgro welcome back, everybody. at 4:30. >>> idaho senator michael crapo says it was the first time and his last he will ever get behind the wheel after drinking alcohol. he apologized in alexandria today after pleading guilty to drunk driving. senator crapo loses his driving privileges for a year, but avoids jail time if he stays out of trouble. >> we could be at the start of one of the worst flew seasons on record. cases have taken a huge jump in just the last week. 41 states say they have major outbreaks. >>> weather is not helping out. cold weather this weekend. prepare to bundle up. >>
the time of president obama's inauguration january 20th even if there isn't a deal to raise the debt ceiling. the 51-year-old has been a key figure in fiscal cliff talks. white house chief of staff yord to be in the lead for that job. >> lawmakers took an oath of office. the house reelected john boehner as speaker. among those sworn in were two from the bay area, jared houghman. the district covers the north coast to oregon border and eric swalwell, representing california's new 15th district, peting incumbent, pete stark. it's expected to be a challenging first few months for lawmakers with several deadlines looming. here in washington it's out with the old, in with the new. do you swear and affirm you'll support the united states of the united states? >> the congress was sworn n it's a diverse gru. there are 81 women in the house and a record number of female senators, 20. age taijing the oath of office, the first hindu member, first butdist senator and first openly gay senator. republicans still control the house but with a smaller majority. democrats built on majority by picking
wade tweets, "i fear we're in for two more years of no compromise. but this time with nothing to lose president obama will take care of business." justin latimore says, "there are many similarities between clint eastwood's empty chair and the house gop. nothing gets done." and morgan lefey tweeted out, "it seems like the republicans' answer to everything is always no. except for repealing health care." keep sharing your thoughts with us and like us on facebook and use the hashtag edshow on twitter. coming up, bill o'reilly said he'd have to quit his job if president obama raises taxes. we'll see if he kept his promise. stay with us. 53. big time taste should fit in a little time cup. new single serve cafe collections from maxwell house now available for use in the keurig k-cup brewer. always good to the last drop. >> that gives us heat. >> i -- two pinches because i like it spicy. >> curry powder -- >> pinching that again. >> you are meticulous with the pinch like really pinching that. >> you can go for it. you want don't want to overpower. >> like pinch like that. like! >> back in th
you? okay, eric cantor, a friend, he's a pro-growth guy, but i have known john boehner for 25 years. he is also a supply-sider, he's a tax cutter, but he says no discussions, no negotiations one-on-one with president obama and instead, jim, here's where i'm going, he wants to go through the regular committee process in the house. he wants ryan to do the budget work. he wants dave camp to do the tax work. is that what you want? regular legislative process and work in the house? >> look, what i want to do is i want to control spending. house speaker boehner chooses to do that it's over to him. but what i have to do as a member of congress representing the first district of oklahoma is cast votes. and my objective is to get him to get us the best deal possible. he's the speaker, i'm behind him. i want is required for our country to avert disaster and that's why i ran. i want him to be successful. i applaud him for winning today. i hope he's successful in moving us in a more conservative direction. >> all right. thanks very much, oklahoma freshman congressman, we appreciate it. welcome
to this stage. dodge dealer expected the obama administration to try any other different economic policies? >> what you'll see in the next couple of years is the president being forced to go around congress as much as he can. >> he took portions of that and tried to get it through using executive powers. unfortunately, you need congress to vote on major spending packages and major policy shifts in terms of infrastructure projects. it is early was holding the u.s. economy back. most indicators are up. spending, it is certainly not down the way it was the last time we have these talks in august of 2011. we just need politicians to get their act together. >> you are watching bbc world news america. aground in alaska, the drilling rig is of course, questioning the risks. the oldest private bank will close after pleading guilty to helping american class evaded taxes, hitting its role in hiding $1 billion over 10 years had a grain to pay $58 million in fines. >> it is the end of the road for the private bank. it sold off non-u.s. holdings, protecting them from the legal battle with washington. h
approved late last week by the senate. >> a two-year pay freeze could be coming to an end for federal workers. president obama's 2010 executive orders stopping pay increases expires march 27th. that's what workers could see a pay raise. don't expect more money just yet. congress could vote to extend the pay freeze as they negotiate the national debt limit and spending cuts in the coming weeks. >>> in just a few hours, idaho senator will be in court to face dui charges. arrested just after midnight on december 23rd in alexandria. he failed several sobriety tests and was found to have a blood alcohol level of .11. he was mormon, he a pol yiezed for what he calls a mistake and won't fight the charges. >>> a former jail guard in prince george's county expected to plead connection in connection with an inmate's death. he found the man unresponsive in his jail cell in 2001 and never told anyone. a medical examiner initially ruled his death a homicide. later though, he said that white may have strangled himself. mcintosh was charged with lying to law enforcement. he was supposed to go to tri
obama and extending unemployment benefits. he's had four years to redo tax policy, trade policy, policy with war and infrastructure and he didn't do that. he could have created jobs in doing that. what he's doing with this unemployment, he's becoming part of the new world order. that's handing people vouchers. host: bob thanks to the call. another point of view from paul krugman, battles of the budget. he points out the central fantasy of a grand bear began on a budget never had a chance even if some kind of bargain supposedly reached tea parties will be reneging on the deal. the reality is that our two major political parties are engaged in a fierce struggle over the future shape of america's new deal. republicans want to roll back all of that and making room for drastically lower taxes on the wealthy, yes it's essentially a class war. the fight over the fiscal cliff was just one battle in that war. it ended arguably with a victory for the democrats. the question is whether or not that victory sets the stage for a larger defeat. next is taylor joining us from chicago, democrats line.
going to do anything proactively about spending? they have proven definitively over the last 70 years that they cannot do it. and this has become, for better or for worse, the pivot point. the demarkation, the line in the sand, president obama says, is he not going to tolerate a debt ceiling fight but the truth is, it doesn't matter whether he's going to tolerate it or not. >> it's not for better or worse, margaret, and you know that. you know it's absolutely for worse. >> is getting our spending under control for worse, though? >> the idea that you would allow us to default is outrageous. and there's no way to even kind of deal with that and to argue that as a legitimate point. >> but do you think arguing that we go off the cliff might be a secure deal? >> you do have the sequester. you may have a budget. i'm not saying you don't have a fight. i'm not saying you p don't have an argument. i'm just saying using the debt ceiling as a point -- >> you don't like it. >> it's not about like. it's about destroying the u.s. economy in the process. >> everyone is talking about the leverage of
years straight. people were fed up. he represents hope and change, the things that obama stood for in our country in 2008. >> how do you respond to the critics? "time" magazine quoted about the film, human rights defenders suffer harassment, prison conditions provoking hunger rights and of course amnesty international reporting on venezuela that, you know, these are the kinds of things that they are seeing and that there's widespread, you know, corruption in the government as well. >> there is corruption, and there's corruption in every government i've been to in south america and central america. i've traveled through the whole region and been involved in many projects and i have to say that, you know, this is vague, scandalous, blurry stuff they throw out at venezuela when you compare it to what the united states has done in chile and argentina, brazil in the past and what we did recently in honduras. i mean, there's no comparison. colombia. you go around the region, and you have a -- you know, the united states has an interest in and has made venezuela it's regional enemy in
civilian workers could soon see a bump in pay in the next few weeks. president obama's executive order for a federal pay freeze expires on march 27th. earlier language in the fiscal cliff deal tried to hold current salaries through this year. but the senate never voted on that version. the new congress could once again freeze pay as they negotiate a debt limit and spending cuts in the coming weeks. >>> new teachers could soon be coming to virginia. governor bob mcdonnell wants the state to take advantage of a national program called teach for america. that program is known for being like the peace corps where young teachers work in struggling and underachieving schools for a few years. the governor will ask them to bring the program to the commonwealth this fall saying it will close the achievement gap between students of different backgrounds. >>> a new report says the overall total of water main breaks of 2012 was the lowest in six years according to the washington post. 2211 pipes broke or leaked in d.c. fairfax, montgomery and prince george's countys last year. that's 20 fewer than
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